You will receive benefits including the ability to search blocked websites, hide advertisements, and wealth generation due to holding flaru coin.

Have 100M flaru coin in your metamask wallet to enable membership.

How To Become A Member

To become a member, simply install the meta mask ethereum wallet to your web browser and acquire flaru coin. You need 100M to reach member status. When the coin is in your account and wallet extension open, click login.

Search Blocked Websites

Organizations such as the Internet Watch Foundation have influence over hosting providers.

We are dedicated to our partnerships with these organizations, for the safety and copyright protection of our users.

However, flaru membership includes a developer mode, which allows security researchers to access all websites for testing purposes.

Members can search all blocked domains, and view all content.

Hide Advertisements

All advertisement will be gone. You will not see them in the flaru universe.

Wealth Generation

Flaru coin is a deflationary asset, meaning that a limited supply has been minted. It is also required for flaru services such as admin mode.

It is also necessary to access the next phase of the road map, a decentralized encrypted messaging system.

These factors will increase the value of flaru coin over time.

Desktop Only

The first release of flaru membership is available on desktop. Future releases are planned to authenticate with mobile MetaMask apps on Apple and Android devices.

Membership: Road Map

Initial Desktop Release

Phase Alpha - complete

Mobile Device Release

Phase Gamma


Log into member mode by authenticating with the MetaMask wallet.


Disconnect from Member Mode