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Operators - Web Search Refinement

Words and symbols can be used in your search to produce more accurate results.


Site Search. This operator is used to search within a specific website only, and ignore the rest of the internet


example: This may also be used in combination with keywords.


This option works in addition to the main method used to search within a website. Alternatively you may type the name of the website into the field marked domain and press enter.


Hashtag Search. To find examples of a hashtag, put # in front of a word.



This may also be used in combination with other search operators. When used in combination with the site search operator, it will only display results of that hashtag on the specific site.


Displays the hashtag cats on twitter.


Exclude Words And Websites. The minus symbol may be used in front of a word to exclude it from a search.

example: Exclude one word

pets -cats

This example will search for the word pets, but exclude cats from the results.


example: Exclude multiple words

pets -cats -dogs

This example will perform the same search for pets, but exclude both cats and dogs.




This example will not return results from the New York Times.


Exact Match Results. To show results that only have an exact match, you can encase the word or phrase within double quotes.


"fluffy orange cat"

This example will return only results for fluffy orange cats. The operator may be also be used in combination with others.



"fluffy orange cat" -"short hair cat"

This example will search exactly only for fluffy orange cats, but also exclude only short hair cats from appearing in the results.


This operator can separate groups of keywords, and produces results which include both.


cats OR dogs

This search will return results containing either cats or dogs.



cats OR dogs OR birds

This search will also include results for birds, along with cats and dogs.


This symbol known as the pipe, can be used instead of the OR operator.


This search operator is used to restrict results to only those containing the given words.


cats OR dogs

This search will only return results which contain both cats and dogs, and filter out results which only contain one of the words.


Find files of a certain type with this search operator. Use it with the file extension.


textbook filetype:pdf

This search will look for the word textbook in pdf files, and only return results of the file type pdf.


This operator can be used with the ticker symbol to produce results containing that stock symbol.



Returns pages which are related to Apple company stock.


Displays results published before the entered date.

example: before:2015-11-30

Returns pages published before 2015-11-12.


Displays results published after the entered date.

example: after:2020-10-11

Returns twitter pages published after 2015-11-12.

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