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How To Promote Your Website

It is easy to promote your website on Flaru. You may use our app as a way to index your content and allow people to browse it.

Step 1 - Establish A Domain Home

Type your website domain name into the domain window and click search.

You will be brought to a domain home for your website.





When first entered, this page will display a general overview of the domain content. This is the equivalent of the front link for a domain.

After searches have been performed, lists of words will appear on the domain home. At that time, the default view on the domain home will be popularity of search words.

You have good content on your website and people want to see it. Type keywords into the search bar which will produce interesting results.

Your searches will first appear in the new section, but after that same search has been run multiple times it will appear in the popular or hot list.

Step 2 - Link To Your Domain Home

Share the link to your new domain home on Flaru. This can be from social media, or your own personal website.

This will help your domain home to be seen by as many people as possible.

You should attempt to place the link in places where people will see it such as the sidebar or footer of your blog.


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